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Adebisi A. Ogunde Innocent O. Oseghale Okechukwu B. Nwanyibuife


In this work, we present a four-parameter lifetime model that can be used to model reliability issues, fatigue life studies, and survival data called the Type II Topp-Leone Inverse Power Lomax distribution. It has the Type II inverse Lomax, Inverse Power Lomax, and Inverse Lomax distributions as sub-models. Some of its statistical properties, including complete and incomplete moments, generating functions, characteristics functions, mean residual life, mean inactivity time, Renyi entropy, Tsallis entropy, order statistics, stress-strength reliability, and weighted probability moment, have formal formulas that we have developed. The model's parameters are estimated using the maximum likelihood estimation technique. The effectiveness of maximum likelihood estimators is evaluated in terms of absolute bias and simulation study standard error. Two lifetime data sets are used to demonstrate how the new model can be applied. Using the same comparative criteria, the proposed distribution offers a better fit than a few well-known distributions.

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